Who's Who In Darion

Soon to be updated with the new blood (wrong thing to say in a town just recovering from a Vampire problem.)






Aelric Hart, GuardCaptain and Kindred of Sidhe

Master Aelric is following the traditions of  his guild for rapid advancement since he has risen to his lofty position within the space of a mere two months - and rumours abound he is in line for the Guard Captaincy - unless they can find another Guardsergeant under a rock somewhere. His faith is an important part of his life and he is not afraid of stating his piece - as he commented to five Crowans beating up a kobold that it wasn't exactly a fair fight. Since this report he has continued to rise meteorically taking command as GuardsCaptain of Ithron .



Callon Farsalken, Master Brewer , Merc and Kindred of Longstor

One of the few active alchemists left in the Darion area, Master Callon spends equal time mixing potions as he does bashing heads with his comrades in the Raptor legion. Those who claim that Alchemists are weak and weedy from their time in the lab would be shocked to see this gent running around in his full armour beating a path through foulspawn and the like.

High Father Callum Cooper of Longstor

A fortunate painting made of the Elusive High Father Callum Cooper. Many adventuring parties have left Darion in his company only for him to disappear for extended periods. When he returns it is typically carry several weapons that he did not leave with and a smile the size of a dragon's.

Father Fenrirr Cernwulf of Longstor, Physician and Acting Head of the Arboris

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