The Morgue

The Dead and Departed 

Abraxis, Elven Tracker

A elven tracker from the lands near Labry who had found his home in the Stappeford camp. His demise ,early in a mission to clear the roads of B'tuk's forces , was met with disgust by local Ranger, Triss , who was heard to say "They call themselves Militia and let one of my scouts die! I'd call them %$@&^*^%$^$" The text was censored for the sanity of all who may read this.

Avalon Serpentblade, Squire and Mercenary

This squire ,in the service of the Earl De Savona , has not had the best of time in the Darion region. Despite ,supporting the local peasants and aiding in the clearing of Clan Claw from the region, He has also suffered indignation at the hands of Shabaan followers, Foulspawn, Priests of the Nameless One -............... It is yet to be seen if he can survive intact both physically and spiritually to be knighted shortly before the coming Festival of Summer. As it turned out, he did not, he fell in an attempt to destroy a Nameless one training camp in Fernham. Rumours suggest that the closing item in the ritual to consecrate their shrine was his Holy symbol stolen by the same band that killed Valentine Ratchet.

Azrael , Apprentice Mage



Former Apprentice of the Master Necro' and wierdo Peter De Bunnie , he got out to a bad start wearing orange, a silly hat and a raccoon called Mr Flibble. His new master has quashed most of these antics so we can only wait and see if he develops into a normal member of the Mage's guild now - as yet he has not been seen purchasing any Swiftdeath so it is obviously to soon to tell.

Novice Bakas of Tralda

This cheerful Ethronian recently arrived in Darion to help entertain the troops with song, music and a touch of squirrel juggling. He had also devoted himself to the Lady Tralda and even obtained the spellbook of one of Darian's former Loonies, High Father Quinn Harlech. (He certainly maintained the fashion traditions of Darian's Traldans.) Little is known of his death as he left one morning at the Council of War and never returned.

Caspar Di Lorca Di L'Omelia Di Los Enansas Giverxos. Master Enchanter

Where once stood many now stands but one, in a change to recent tradition mainly due to various expirations by wild fowl, Darion has but one master mage. An associate of the Raptor legion, Caspar has few morals and even fewer people who call him by his full name or even let him finish saying it. He recently left Darion for greener pastures (though rumors are he had several enquiries for work just after he left.) He is at present in Guiadan working for the reputable Bank de Courronne.


Brother Creed of Crowa, Mercenary Sergeant

As one of Darion's two sergeants, Creed provided leadership to the new camp at Stappeford. He was one of the Raptor legion and bore the sword of their fallen captain in the service of Crowa. ( Roughly translated he was a raving Psycho but damn good at it.) He had served the Mayor of Norham as bodyguard as well as other dignitaries. He was assassinated by the Nighthawks at the Council of War, later events have linked the deed to another Raptor who was last seen running for the woods in shame. Upon hearing of the incident Colour Sergeant Jones was heard to quote "If I catch the bastard who did this I'll shove their head on a spike."


Dibbler Reg Whites, Master Brewer and Kindred of Tralda

Father Fitzgerald Ficklefingers of Rolbor, Mercenary

Father Fitzgerald (or Fitz) has spent much of his time since his appearance at Hadsfield living down the bad reputation of his faith left in the Darion area by his Primate. He has done this admirably winning the dissenters over with his winning personality and handy supplies of confectionary and other consumables. He has recently been tending to the spiritual needs of the inhabitants of Waylock near Stappeford.



Coming Soon


Father Kubai, Defender of The Faith of Rolbor and Guard Sergeant of The South

Coming Soon

A once-local lawman, necessity has drawn him away from the land of Darion to the harsher climes of Fernham. His flamboyant garb (befitting a follower of Rolbor) coupled with his tabard making a sight hard to miss when he stalks the land looking for injustice. He also has the attitude of a saint managing to cope with all the vagaries of his Primate.

Peter De Bunny, Master Necromancer

Peter was thrust upon Caspar, his present master when he was returning from Hadsfield, Literally. As the xth son of one of the local families, he had little obligation or incentive to find a trade so his parents decided one for him and apprenticed him to Caspar. The main negotiation point was a stipend to maintain his training (none of which has ever appeared). He has aptitude for magic however he also has some idiosyncrasies that include a fervent belief in pixies and a rather animated conversational fixation with his staff. Even scarier he's now being trained to play around with dead bodies. It is unfortunate that he died within hours of being appointed to the position of Schoolmaster.


Rohan, Mercenary and Initiate of Crowa

Rohan has been in the Darian area for a long while yet despite his seniority turned down the sergeant position. He feels himself to be one of the "boys" and resists anything that might separate him from the fighting men of Darian. He follows the Lady Crowa heartily and as such often charges off in midst of battle frenzy but he can normally be found. He is currently MIA (rumors have reached us regarding a tree, a dryad and a moment of weakness.) Since this incident he has passed onto the hall's of the Lady due to a rather unsanitary wound from a foulspawn in cohorts with the Church of the Nameless One.

S.G. Jones, Colour Sergeant of Ithron and Journeyman Physician


One of Darian's many ex-crusaders, Sgt Jones vehemently denies any connection with the Raptor Legion though he admits they are damn handy to have around at times. Carrying a battle wound from the crusades, he refuses to have it dealt with despite his frequent service as bodyguard to the Primate of Vleybor (after all he pays well.) He has now been named as Joshua Nails' successor as Colour Sergeant. He has already begun exhibiting the psychoses linked with the position. He was killed in a battle with dark elves by a small demon while the Witchfinder stood watching.

High Father Surican De Carson of Vleybor and Master Physician - Short term Primate of Githas


Recently called to by the Lady to head her church in Ithron, Primate De Carson has a healthy business in the Darion area - Putting limbs back on the many adventurers who come back short a leg or arm. His accolades have also included honorary member of the Crowan Church, Associate member of the Raptor legion and a stiff talking to by a High Mother of Vleybor after the last Festival of Summer and the infamous shield wall charge. He has added an extra incident at the Council of War when he was cast in to the Dark gods prison by Githas (Dark Vleybor). Just prior to this a religious individual was heard to intone "By My Faith Drop That Primate!". He has since been stripped of the Primacy, given Defender of the Faith, been stripped of this position and then ordered to break of all affiliation with military units. It appears that the time in the Dark Gods realm affected him as he recently became the Primate of Githas, however when he returned to say Farewell to High Mother Jessica, an angry mob equipped with a handy dispel field spell proceeded to beat him in to a pulp - when the Lawmen came to try and heal him for trial, it turned out one of the individual's had used Swiftdeath.

Novice Tanis of Kharach, Mercenary


Having recently become a devotee of Kharach , this young elf was causing appropriate problems with the Primate of Vleybor over her homicidal tendencies. She has yet to die, however she has been linked to the assassination of Creed and as such is now a wanted elf by several individuals - including the Colour Sergeant S.G Jones.

Valentine Ratchet, Brother of Kharach


Valentine would appear to be the first in the return to the heydays of Kharach in Darian. A dubious character clad in black wandering the land smiting anyone who gets in his way in the name of Kharach. Recently at a gathering of the adventurers of Ithron, it is reported that a single Master necromancer was able to bring to bear more magical power than all of the church of Kharach present. It is also rumored that in the course of the weekend Brother Valentine was called upon to absolve several of his fellow followers of sins incurred. He fell to followers of the Nameless One during a visit to Fernham and didn't even get to see the mighty elephant Nelly!

Valentine Ratchet

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