The Stappeford Gazette


The Orcs Are Revolting!


And their dress sense isn't up too much either. There has been an upturn in the activity of the local foulspawn tribes. It may be the reduction in the number of undead has lead them to be less timid in their attitudes or it could be something more sinister.

One of the strangest stories at present is the goblin bandits who hand over their requests in well written Ithronian despite not speaking a word of the language themselves - the letter describes them as the Antler Hill Mob - and travelers should be on the look out for more information.

We have received further worrying reports - there have been kidnappings by foulspawn from some of the local villages and adventuring parties have brought word that both the dark elves and the church of Krygan have been preaching to the foulspawn in attempts to recruit them.


The Rise of the Dark Churches


Since the Pact signing little had been heard of the Dark Gods and their followers in the local area - despite rumours that the Primate of the Church of Githas is a local lad. This has all changed recently however - a party hired to aid a worried Longstorian priest who feared an attack arrived to find devastation and death. They followed tracks back to a sizeable encampment of beings which included a large number of Elderkin. They withdrew feeling it better to find out more at a later date. Due to the unavailability of the adventuring community a contingent of scouts was sent out - they have since reported back that the encampment is now empty but in the centre of it there is a large shrine - to the Dark God Krygan. Does this mean that the church is attempting a foothold in the region? After suffering the churches of Seraklan and Abraxis , we must ask what is so favourable about our region when it comes to the Dark Churches?

Artist's Rendition of an Orc Chieftain's Bodyguard


If You Go Down To The Woods Today

You're sure of a sharp surprise.

 The Dark Elves have declared the truce that was enacted late last year has been broken and that no-one is welcome on their lands. Not only that but some of the more militant groups of Wood Elves have joined the Dark Elves under Harbinger (the name of the apparent leader). The Alshanti who has been mediating has given the advise that parties should be careful about traveling into the Elven lands without any Elves with them.