Noteworthies of The Area

(Or Who not to Get on The Wrong Side of)


Earl Roderick De Savona

 Da Big Cheese, the One and Only, the man with the plan or more importantly and frequently ,in Darion, the money and the job. Earl de Savona was granted the Earldom when the former family of Darion ,the De Sorrels came to a messy and very final end. He has ruled with a steady hand and deep purse, we hope he will rule for many years more.

The Current status of the Earlship is before the king's court since Roderick's elder brother returned from the crusades where he was believed to have died and in a mildly bloody assault managed to capture his brother (despite the efforts of numerous adventurers).

Baron Jesse Bates

 A master brewer in the guild of Alchemists, Baron Bates recently managed to build up his finances to the point when he was able to buy the Barony of Thulston. Despite some rumoured shady dealings in the past, he is now a stalwart supporter of the Darian reclamation movement. He still maintains strong contacts with his guild, rumors abound he may have been sponsoring someone for the position of Guildmaster, we are unable to provide any concrete evidence or even speculations.

Baronet Dibbler Reg Whites 

Yet another one of those alchemists who has bought his way into the nobility - a former member of the adventuring community who retired after loosing his hand to the Mad Lich Almeric. He has established a militia quickly by offering his former comrades the Raptor Legion status as his personal soldieriery without interfering with their mercenary activities.

Danik Shadowcloak

A former member of the Darion adventuring community who was renowned for his innovative stance on Dark Elf relations - massacre them all and save money on diplomats. This attitude seems to have mellowed in recent times probably due to his marriage to a drow priestess of Tralda (who wouldn't change their mind?) His influence is still seen in the militant nature of some of the local elves.

The Raptor Legion

Though not nobles, these are definitely not people you wish to mess with. Made up largely of ex-crusaders who returned to Ithron after being treated badly by the Axirian diplomacy, they have been gaining numerous recruits from the militia guilds. They have had a fairly illustrious crop of members - The Guardsergeant of the South, a Forester, 2 Merc Sgts and a Ranger. They also provide the one of the most prestigious banking services in Ithron, loans backed by the Bank de Couronne.

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