Troublesome Critters of the Region


Skara Hai

These annoying wolf-beasts are the creation of former Darion troublemaker, Edgar Fyrrd. By nasty and unpleasant methods, he was able to alter orcs (a fairly common and unambitious creature) into ravenous furry killing machines. (decidedly a different kettle of fish) These beasties are unharmed by normal weapons requiring the blessing of the gods or judicious application of magic to be harmed. Their enhanced strength allows them to leap into close quarters where their sharp and nasty claws make short work of armour and the flesh underneath. Best way to deal with them is not to get involved and leave them alone.

Note it appears that their creation is linked to some form of spawning pits that B'tuk is using to make more of the creatures. (using voluntary orcs or otherwise).


        Seen traveling primarily in the presence of Dark Elves, these small cowardly creatures will rarely attack groups of people preferring to pick on individuals and will do so in packs. They tend to carry whatever weaponry is provided by their keepers however they can fall back upon claws and teeth. Their generally unhealthy living conditions as well as personal habits leave an aura of sickness around them which can be carried on their claws and bite, it is unwise to spend too much time in their presence or even over their corpses in case it is airborne.

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